I would like to thank everyone in my History 5554 class with Dr. Sasha Mullally for their guidance and support during this project.

I would also like to thank the New Brunswick Provincial Archives for their contribution.

Sources and Items of Interest:;oclc;

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PANB Assorted Photo Acquisitions #1: P1-54-(1-18)

PANB Assorted Photo Acquisitions #1: P1-79-(3-5)

PANB Assorted Photo Acquisitions #1: P1-86-4

PANB Assorted Photo Acquisitions #1: P1-(94-133A)

PANB Assorted Photo Acquisitions #2: P2-(284-288)

PANB Caraquet Shippegan photos: P4-5-(13-74)

PANB George Taylor fonds: P5-(3-241)

PANB Andrew and Joan Gunter fonds: P561-12

PANB Tait Famly fonds: P596-23

PANB John Trainer Photographs: P598-(3-5)

PANB Norma ( Kertson) Martin fonds: P615-5w

PANB Forbes Elliot Photographs: P632-(2w-11w)

PANB Ross Davidson fonds: P633- (2-23w)

PANB Bradford family: Charlotte County WW1 Soldiers: P638- 5

PANB Gary Perkins fonds: P644- 4

PANB Eleanor Allen fonds: P665- (40-116)

PANB Miller Family fonds: P671- (5-B5)

PANB Greg Riordon Fonds: P676- 13

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 “Where is Vinland?” [part of] Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History (Heritage Canada/University of Victoria, 2010). Available online at:


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